Georgia Hunter is a film director with a strong background in acting, producing and writing film. Since moving to Toronto in 2017 she has written and directed 3 short films, two of which encompass powerful Queer stories and one shining light on the Womens Liberation Movement in 1970.

"I have a passion for creating films that depict the queer community with the honesty and beauty we deserve."

Her current project 'Elephant Sheets' that is in post-production delves into the life of Leni, a queer women who moves to Toronto in 1990. "I always knew that I was made to direct. In most aspects of life I find myself easily slipping into a position of leadership. I also have a very visual and emotive way of thinking... two qualities I think come hand in hand when directing film."

Elephant Sheets

Elephant sheets follows the life of Leni, a queer, creative, young woman living abroad in 1992. Delving into how movement and dance can help one express their emotions... we see how Leni copes with leaving her family behind in Ireland.

This film is currently in Post- Production. Due to be complete for December of 2019.

Click on the button above to see Elephant Sheets offical website.

Queen Of the Night

A young Drag Queen must find a way to reconcile with his estranged father after the death of his mother. This film was completed in 2018, available to view on request.

Queen of the Night is having it's Canadian Premiere At the Toronto South Asian Film Festival on December 9 at 7:00. 

Tickets can be purchased here.